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updated June 25, 2008

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1967 Buick Special

This Buick was built in Antwerp, Belgium. Options include power steering, power brakes and radio delete. The powerplant is a 225 CID V6. Current mileage is 52,000 km.

This vehicle was originally purchased by a lady who worked for NATO in Antwerp. It was one of 2,333 built.

Thanks to Jim and Janie Leith for this contribution.

Stefan Knappe from Frankfurt has a similar car, with its own website:


1962 Pontiac Laurentian (Maxbarn's car)


I have attached a picture of my first new car - a 1962 Pontiac Laurentian 2dr Sedan. This was a very early model, ordered as soon as they were out, and has a couple of features not common on these Canadian Pontiacs. First of all, although it was a V8, there are no emblems on the front fenders. Secondly, the cheese cutters on the top of the front fenders are from the American Catalina. I guess the General's part bin was a little empty at the start of the season. When I pointed out the differences to the dealer, who apparently hadn't noticed it, they offered to add the V8 emblems. I said no way, as it just made the car that much sneakier. BTW - It was a 3 on the tree...

1957 Buick Special


Mike from New York has this '57 Special in mind for restoration, space permitting.

Read more, see more images...


1953 Chrysler New Yorker Hearse

Nicole MacArthur has gotten the restoration underway. Click here for some pictures before restoration.

Click here for many more images and details of the restoration.

Long abandoned Chevy



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Recent Images

1949 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon

click to enlarge

"My grandfather purchased
it in 1949. After he died it went to my father, after my father died the
car went to me. I am very proud of this


Pär Carlsson's 1952 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe
Area 52
For more detail and pictures on this '52 Chevy from Sweden, click here.

1950 Chevrolet

(see the whole picture)

Thanks to the great guys at we were able to identify this car for Federico Spano of Rome.

He writes: Thank you! I sent to you only a part of the photo, the hand you can see was
mine, in 1959 :). In a few days I will have back my pc working again... so
I'll send you the photo - and maybe in a month or two another one that is
in my mother's house.

Anyway, it was my fathers' car, with me and my grandmother, in 1958, here
in Italy. He bought the Chevy in 1950 in Venezuela.


1911 Buick

(click on images to enlarge)

We recently rescued a very solid specimen from PA. It is now back in MI where it belongs. Our first goal is to determine what is original, or altered. Altered goes, original remains. Peroid.
Unfortunately we know of no other specimens at this time.
Your 1911 brochure p.8 confirms appearance. See attached photo
We suspect the windshield and top were later additions.
Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.

Chas. Sharpe

(please contact TOCMP if you have any info on this model)


Not a car, but part of one

We were sent these pictures of an old glass coil, in the hopes that it could be identified. Anybody know what it belongs to? Contact us here.


more pictures from the TOCMP photo album


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