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updated June 24, 2015

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New manuals for cars and trucks are posted here.
All of them are free to view or download.

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1942 Buick Shop Manual
1942 Buick Shop Manual

1941 Chrysler Shop Manual
1941 Chrysler Shop Manual

1937 Chrysler Shop Manual
1937 Chrysler Shop Manual

June-Sept GM of Canada Product Service Bulletins
June-Sept 1965 Product Service Bulletins, GM of Canada

1927 Chrysler 80 Imperial Manual
1927 Chrysler Imperial '80' Instruction Book

This is the first in a series of service manuals covering Chrysler Imperial from 1927-1983, contributed by the Imperial Club.

1958 Ford Thunderbird SHop Manual
1958 Ford Thunderbird Shop Manual

1973 AMC Shop Manual
1973 AMC Technical Service Manual

1948 Stromberg Catalog
1948 Stromberg Carburetor Catalog

1976 Oldsmobile Service Manual
1976 Oldsmobile Service Manual

1967 Ford Mustang Facts Book
1967 Ford Mustang Illustrated Facts Book

GM Technicians Guild News
Jan. 1965 - Jan. 1966 GM Technician's Guild News for Pontiac-Buick

1966 GMC
1966 GMC Truck Service Manual: Series 4000-6500

1960 Ford Truck Shop Manual
1960 Ford Truck Shop Manual

1964 GMC Medium Truck Manual
1964 GMC Truck Maintenance Manual, Models 5500-7100

1961 Ford Mercury Truck 850-1100
1961 Ford and Mercury Truck Series 850-1100 Shop Manual

IHC 6 Cylinder engine manual
Engine and Fuel System Manual for International Harvester BD-220, BD-264, C-221, C-263, C-282, C-291 and C-301

Perfect Circle Doctor of Motors Manual
Perfect Circle Doctor Of Motors Service Manual

1956 GM Automatic Transmission Parts Catalog
1956 GM Automatic Transmission Parts Catalog

1954 Ford Service Bulletins
1954 Ford Service Letter Product Information & Bulletins

1965 ESS Car Care Guide
1965 Car Care Guide: 1960-65

1975 Car Care Guide
1975 Car Care Guide: 1966-75 Domestic and Import Cars

1971 Ford C4 Training Manual
1971 Ford C-4 Automatic Transmission Technician Reference Manual

Turboglide Transmission Manual
Automatic transmission service manual: 1945-1965
includes: Jetaway, Turboglide, Torqueflite, Dynaflow, Cruise-O-Matic, Powerglide, Dual Range Hydramatic, Tempest, Two Speed Ford-O-Matic, Corvair Powerglide, Three Speed Hydramatic, Powerflite, Turbine 300 and Turbo HydraMatic