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5. Modulator Valve 6. 2-3 Accumulator (Neutral - Not In Park)  7. Detent Pressure Regulator 8. 1-2 Accumulator to the cooler by-pass valve and transmission cooler. Oil from the cooler is direct on the modulator and reverse boost valve, detent valve, 2-3 shift control valve,  and the 1-2 shift control valve. is in neutral.
Intermediate Clutch - OFF
Direct Clutch - OFF
Forward Clutch - OFF
Low and Reverse Clutch - OFF
Intermediate Overrun Roller Clutch - FREE WHEELING
Low and Reverse Roller Clutch - FREE WHEELING
Intermediate Overrun Band - OFF
Whenever the engine is running at idle with the selector lever in neutral, oil
from the pump is directed to
l. Pump Priming Valve
2. Pressure Regulator Valve
3. Converter (With Pressure Regulator Valve regulating)
a. Cooler By-pass Valve
b. Oil Cooler
c. Lubrication System.
4. Manual Valve
Cooling and Lubrication
Oil flows from the pump to the priming valve and then to the pressure
regulator valve which regulates the pump pressure. When pump output exceeds
the demand of line pressure, oil from the pressure regulator valve is directed to
the converter feed passage to fill the converter. Converter return oil is directed
ed to the transmission lubrication system. The cooler by-pass valve permits oil to
be fed directly from the converter to the lubrication circuit if the cooler should
become restricted.
The priming valve provides an exhaust for any air that may be trapped in the
pump. The priming valve spring holds the valve in an open position until the
pump primes allowing any trapped air to exhaust. As hydraulic pressure reaches
approximately 5 PSI, the valve is forced to the bottom of its bore, closing the
exhaust bleed hole.
From the pressure regulator valve line oil is then routed as follows
1. Manual Valve
2. 2-3 Accumulator
3. Detent Pressure Regulator
4. 1-2 Accumulator
5. Vacuum Modulator Valve
Line pressure at the modulator valve is regulated to modulator oil which acts
The converter is filled, all clutches and bands are released. The transmission
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