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1957 Buick Special - Mike, New York

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(3 piece rear window)

Mike wrote (in response to our remarks):

Come to think of it, it does look pretty good. I mean, ever notice how they retain their grandeur even as junkers? (Like this one which has been parked in that same spot near Rochester (NY) International Airport from approximately the mid-'60s till--well, I have to figure out where to store it, as I live in apartments. Yes, I grew up marveling at and dreaming of that car. But the owner would always chase us away with a buckshot rifle. While I took these pics last summer, the owner, now elderly and using a walker, came out--no buckshot rifle--and said, with a wry grin and a blink, "Don't you ever give up?" How'd he remember me!? Then he said, "I'd better let you take her away before you, too, get old; drive her by when you get her fixed up."

And back in 1970, a neighbor had a black '58 Cadillac 60 4-dr sedan. Told me if I could get it running, it would be mine. Try as I might, no luck. The family moved . . . and had the car removed

Later: I visited my baby on Monday--still can't find someone who'll let me park this beautiful monstrosity on their property (I live in apartments)--and got some nice detailed photos.

My uncle Louie was an Olds dealer. See his '56 two-toned in this pic of me and my folks?

My dad's Pontiac Star Chief behind me.

Actually, this was my first car!