updated May 23, 2004
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1939 Chevrolet brochure

This fine scan was contributed by Bill Van Nostrand of Indiana.

Click on a thumbnail to view a high resolution image.

Back_cover.JPG (232kb) Front_cover.JPG (90kb) Page_01.JPG (182kb) Page_02.JPG (169kb)
Page_03.JPG (157kb) Page_04.JPG (150kb) Page_05.JPG (176kb) Page_06.JPG (168kb)
Page_07.JPG (155kb) Page_08.JPG (166kb) Page_09.JPG (177kb) Page_10.JPG (209kb)
Page_11.JPG (213kb) Page_12.JPG (226kb) Page_13.JPG (194kb) Page_14.JPG (203kb)


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