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1946 Chrysler Town and Country Brochure

1946 Chrysler Brochure

Updated November 29, 2003 From Jeff George comes this original scan, which he obtained from the dealer when it was new.

He writes: "I am attaching scans of my 1946 Chrysler brochure. I see somebody else already sent you the Town and Country models of the 1946 Chrysler. However, now you will have the entire line. I thought the 1946 Chrysler was a pretty car, but in hindsight it looks almost "front-end heavy", with the massive grille in front. The 1946 Chrysler was essentially unchanged in 1947 and 1948, as were Plymouth, Dodge, and Desoto...


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...Speaking of the Chrysler Town and Country, you will notice they were first introduced in 1941. I don't think I ever saw a pre-war model. However, after 1946 it was the T & C 2-door convertible that was most common. If any of the 4-door sedan models still exist anywhere, they would be very rare."

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