1956 DeSoto Brochure

May 3, 2003 Charlie Ruggles, Arizona, Carbuff, picked this one up from the dealer when it was new. Here's how it happened, in Chuck's words:

"In the late fall of Oct. 1955, I went to the DeSoto dealer to buy a 2DR HT as I loved the look. The salesman was not a good one and would not budge on the price and gave me a poor trade-in on my 1954 Plymouth Belvedere, which had been a late model and had the true automatic tranny (Powerflite) and the car was immaculate. I walked out with the brochure and went to the Chrysler dealer, purchased a 1956 Windsor Newport hardtop for several hundred dollars less. I drove it over to the DeSoto dealer, and told them if they wanted to stay in business they should learn to deal. I then drove out leaving the salesman amazed."

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