updated April 25, 2004
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1979 Ford Pickup Brochure

Michael Schmidt of Germany contributed this original scan of the '79 Ford pickup brochure.

Click on a thumbnail to view a high resolution image.

FP79-00.jpg (1,257kb) FP79-02.jpg (4,606kb) FP79-02A.jpg (2,286kb) FP79-03.jpg (1,329kb)
FP79-04.jpg (5,071kb) FP79-05.jpg (3,746kb) FP79-06.jpg (2,688kb) FP79-07.jpg (2,059kb)
FP79-08.jpg (2,385kb) FP79-09.jpg (1,743kb) FP79-10.jpg (2,162kb) FP79-11.jpg (2,022kb)
FP79-12.jpg (2,016kb) FP79-13.jpg (3,044kb) FP79-14.jpg (1,892kb) FP79-15.jpg (4,032kb)
FP79-16.jpg (2,397kb) FP79-17.jpg (2,843kb) FP79-18.jpg (1,797kb) FP79-19.jpg (1,912kb)
FP79-20.jpg (2,192kb)