updated April 13, 2004
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1964 Ford Full-line Brochure

Andrezj Wolfarth sent this scan. Visit his site at desoto58.com.

Click on a thumbnail to view.

Ford64_01.jpg (334kb) Ford64_02.jpg (568kb) Ford64_03.jpg (570kb) Ford64_04.jpg (627kb)
Ford64_05.jpg (622kb) Ford64_06.jpg (614kb) Ford64_07.jpg (565kb) Ford64_08.jpg (672kb)
Ford64_09.jpg (621kb) Ford64_10.jpg (538kb) Ford64_11.jpg (600kb) Ford64_12.jpg (677kb)
Ford64_13.jpg (640kb) Ford64_14.jpg (563kb) Ford64_15.jpg (620kb) Ford64_16.jpg (582kb)
Ford64_17.jpg (556kb) Ford64_18.jpg (273kb) Ford64_19.jpg (360kb)  


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