updated May 11, 2004
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1959 GM full-line brochure

Oleg Alexeev of Russia sent this very rare 1959 GM full-line brochure, produced in Russian for the 1959 American exhibition in Moscow.

Click here to visit his Russian-language website devoted to American cars.

Click on a thumbnail to view a high resolution image.

1959_gm_00.jpg (322kb) 1959_gm_01.jpg (365kb) 1959_gm_02.jpg (277kb) 1959_gm_03.jpg (432kb)
1959_gm_04.jpg (401kb) 1959_gm_05.jpg (462kb) 1959_gm_06.jpg (540kb) 1959_gm_07.jpg (423kb)
1959_gm_08.jpg (418kb) 1959_gm_09.jpg (390kb) 1959_gm_10.jpg (159kb) 1959_gm_11.jpg (193kb)
1959_gm_12.jpg (213kb) 1959_gm_13.jpg (182kb) 1959_gm_14.jpg (192kb) 1959_gm_15.jpg (168kb)
1959_gm_16.jpg (173kb) 1959_gm_17.jpg (191kb) 1959_gm_18.jpg (198kb) 1959_gm_19.jpg (201kb)
1959_gm_20.jpg (183kb) 1959_gm_21.jpg (170kb) 1959_gm_22.jpg (165kb) 1959_gm_23.jpg (183kb)
1959_gm_24.jpg (207kb) 1959_gm_25.jpg (215kb) 1959_gm_26.jpg (199kb) 1959_gm_27.jpg (188kb)
1959_gm_28.jpg (148kb) 1959_gm_29.jpg (234kb) 1959_gm_30.jpg (232kb) 1959_gm_31.jpg (215kb)
1959_gm_32.jpg (176kb) 1959_gm_33.jpg (185kb) 1959_gm_34.jpg (182kb) 1959_gm_35.jpg (105kb)


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