updated May 23, 2004
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1975 GM Full-line brochure

Andrezj Wolfarth sent in this scan. Visit his website at www.desoto58.com for more brochures.

Click on a thumbnail to view a high resolution image.

GM73_04.jpg (301kb) GM73_05.jpg (284kb) GM73_06.jpg (247kb) GM73_07.jpg (251kb)
GM73_08.jpg (269kb) GM73_09.jpg (277kb) GM73_10.jpg (254kb) GM73_11.jpg (244kb)
GM73_12.jpg (257kb) GM73_13.jpg (254kb) GM73_14.jpg (264kb) GM73_15.jpg (237kb)
GM73_16.jpg (256kb) GM73_17.jpg (245kb) GM73_18.jpg (257kb) GM73_20.jpg (278kb)
GM73_21.jpg (264kb) GM73_22.jpg (247kb) GM73_23.jpg (241kb) GM73_24.jpg (255kb)
GM73_36.jpg (200kb) GM73_37.jpg (283kb) GM73_38.jpg (288kb) GM73_39.jpg (330kb)


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