1946 Mercury Brochure

updated November 7, 2003

Thanks to Henk Smit for this fine contribution.

Here's some important information from Maxbarn:

"The 1946 Mercury Brochure [shown here] is for the Model 114 (114" wheelbase) which I know was sold in Canada, and maybe Europe as well, but not in the USA. The ad is for the true American Mercury, called the Model 118 here. This must have been confusing, as FMC intoduced the 1946 Monarch as well in March of that year on the 118" wheelbase. Notice the difference in the parking light locations between the ad and the brochure, and the horizontal EIGHT missing in the centre of the Model 114. The 114 used Ford front fenders."

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Click on image below to view the brochure.


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