updated December 16, 2004
1949 Nash
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1949 Nash brochure

Jeff George sent this great scan of his '49 Nash brochure, which he obtained when the car was new.

Note the "Rocket" performance in the advertising copy - something that would become an Oldsmobile mainstay soon after.

Jeff had this to say about the Nash: "My dad bought one of these in 1949, a brand-new, two-tone brown Nash 600.  I thought it was wonderful, but my dad hated it, because it was so underpowered.  It did have a soft ride and was very comfortable.  However, except for being underpowered, these Nashes were well made and well engineered for their time. But they did not catch on with the public very well, because people joked that they looked like "upside down bathtubs".  The Nash Ambassador was a slightly higher priced car, and had a larger engine, so it probably had more power.  My dad was so frustrated with the Nash 600 after barely making it up a mountain road in New Mexico in 1950, he couldn't wait to trade it off.  So he bought a 1950 Dodge, and was much happier." 

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