updated May 17, 2004
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1965 Oldsmobile brochure

Andrezj Wolfarth sent in this excellent scan. Visit his website at www.desoto58.com for more brochures.

Click on a thumbnail to view a high resolution image.

olds a1.jpg (264kb) olds a2.jpg (314kb) olds a3.jpg (318kb) olds a4.jpg (259kb)
olds a5.jpg (327kb) olds a6.jpg (311kb) olds a7.jpg (293kb) olds a8.jpg (274kb)
olds a9.jpg (236kb) olds b1.jpg (258kb) olds b2.jpg (307kb) olds b3.jpg (219kb)
olds b4.jpg (266kb) olds c2.jpg (286kb) olds c3.jpg (260kb) olds c4.jpg (356kb)
olds c5.jpg (358kb) olds c6.jpg (240kb) olds c7.jpg (267kb) olds c8.jpg (265kb)
olds c9.jpg (204kb) olds d1.jpg (312kb)    


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