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This is the Old Car Manual Project's home page for the Lincoln car, where we list all of the resources we have as well as those that other netizens have contributed.
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If you like early post-war Lincolns visit our 1949-1961 Lincoln manual page and Mike Schmitt's 54 Lincoln site.

chassis manuals - general

1954-1961 Parts and Labor

1953 Lincoln Air Conditioning Manual

1953 Lincoln Seats and Power Windows


1954 Lincoln Engine manual - selective fit parts guide


1949-1950 Hydramatic Transmission

1953-1954 Hydramatic transmission


1931 Carburetor Manual (general reference)

1955 Holley 4000 Carb

Holley Modular Carbs - 4150/60 series

1953 Holley distributor

1957-65 Lincoln wiring diagram


classic ads from tOCMP

more Lincoln pictures

more FLM pictures

car clubs and pages

Lincoln Club Nederland

Lincoln and Continental Owners Club

Lincoln-Zephyr Owners Club (1936-1948)

current Lincoln news




1955 Lincoln Ad

more Lincoln ads and images


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