updated August 6, 2005

Holley Carburetor Master List

This is a complete listing of Holley carburetors made up to mid-1970, including the original application and the OEM part numbers.


R-120 to R-588A

R-588-1A to R-713AAS

R-804-4A to R-910A

R-913A to R-1053A

R-1054A to R-10154A

R-1155A to R-1273A

R-1273-1A to R-1381A

R-1382A to R-1443AA

R-1595-1A to R-1708-1AAS

R-1710A to R-1806A

R-1806-1A to R-1864-1AAS

R-1837A to R-1964

R-1843A to R-1929AAS

R-1929-1AAS to R-2032A

R-2040A to R-2166A

R-2168A to R-2328A

R-2329A to R-2416A

R-2417A to R-2500-1AAS

R-2507AAS to R-2744A

R-2745A to R-3026AAS

R-3027AAS to R-3228-1A

R-3228-2A to R-3310A

R-3360A to R-3671A

R-3671-1AAS to R-3919A

R-4080A to R-4237A

R-4239AAS to R-4367-1A

R-4368A to R-4513A

R-4513-1AAA to R-4609A

R-4611A to R-4815AA