updated June 17, 2006

Holley Carburetor Service Parts Lists and Typical Views

This is from the Holley Carburetion Catalog for 1968.  It features exploded diagrams and parts identification tables for each type of Holley carb up to that date.

The images are scanned at 200 dpi. To print an image on a single page, first save it to your computer, and then print from there.  If you're using Windows, right click on the image and select 'Save as...'.

A pdf version of this manual may be downloaded here (60 MBytes).


Holley 1904, 1960
Holley 2300C
Holley 1909
Holley 2300, 2300G, 2300MG
Holley 4150G, 4150MG
Holley 2140G, 2140SG
Holley AA1, 2100, 2110
Holley 4000
Holley 4000G
Holley 1901FFG, 1901SFFG
Holley AA-1G, 852FFG, 2110FF, 2110G
Holley 885JJG, 885JJSG
Holley 2140
Holley 885FFG
Holley 1904G
Holley 1931
Holley 1970
Holley 2209
Holley 3160, 4160
Holley 1920
Holley 1908
Holley 1901FF
Cover image - click to enlarge Holley 4150
  Holley 1174, 2001 Governor Control Valve
  Holley 2151, 1252 Sandwich Governor
  Holley 2300C Six Pack (3X2) Installation