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Everything on this site has been donated, and a lot of it wasn't cheap to get in the first place. For example, the service bulletins on this page would cost bundle of money to buy, if a person could find them. In other words, they're almost priceless. Yet they're here for the whole world to share, for free!


1947 -1954 GM / Fisher Service Bulletins

added March 14, 2003

Thanks to Ken Sluys of Bellingham, Washington we can share this vast collection of service information. bulletins, containing detailed information on General Motors vehicles of the post-war era that really isn't available anywhere else. For now, the indexes below consist of thumbnails (click on the index link to view) but, as time permits we'll try to come up with a text-based index (any volunteers?).

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About the Old Car Manual Project

What we do:

The idea is to scan manuals for old, vintage or antique American vehicles and their components and make them available on the web, for free.

Why are we doing this?

Why not? But really - one of the hardest parts of restoring or servicing old machines is getting decent technical information. Often, it's difficult, impossible or expensive to obtain. We think that this kind of information should be freely available, as a public resource for the preservation of our industrial history.

Who are we?

We are some Guys Who Like Old Iron. We can be contacted here



Product Service Bulletins (1947-49)
service information for all parts of all GM vehicles



Nov. 30, 1947 (41 pages) index

Dec. 31, 1947 (30 pages) index


February 28, 1948 (56 pages) index

April 30, 1948 (37 pages) index

May 31, 1948 (38 pages) index

August 31, 1948 (59 pages) index


March 31, 1949 (47 pages) index


Fisher Body Service Bulletins (1950-54)
service information for GM bodies


Volume 9, Number 18 - headlining removal index

Volume 9, Number 20 - windshield and rear window index


Volume 10, Number 15 - adjustments index


Volume 12, Number 6 index


Volume 13, Number 2 - Chevrolet body information index


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