updated March 21, 2004
1958 Ford
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1958 Ford Shop Manual

Christian Hartl of Germany sent us a scan of the 1958 Ford Shop Manual, a truly monumental task!

Here are the first two sections, dealing with Engines (Group 1) and Ignition, Fuel and Cooling systems (Group 2).

Clicking on a link below will take you to a thumbnail index of the section.

Cover and Intro Pages

Group 1 Engine

Group 2 Ignition, Fuel and Cooling

Group 3 Group 3, Clutch, Conventional transmissions and Rear Axle

Group 4 Ford-O-Matic and Cruise-O-Matic Transmissions

Group 5 Chassis, Suspension and Frames

Group 6 Steering

Group 7 Hydraulic and Parking Brakes

Group 8 Generating and Starting Systems

Group 9 Lights, Instruments and Accesories

Group 10 Body Maintenance and Repair

Group 11 Doors, Deck Lid and Front Sheet Metal

Group 12 Interior Trim, Seats and Windows

Group 13 Body Installation Drawings

Group 14 Maintenance, Lubrication and Special Tools



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