updated November 21, 2004
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1967 - 68 Thunderbird Shop Manual

Generously scanned and contributed by Marshak.

This is the complete Shop Manual, including the 1969 Supplement.

The links below are to thumbnail indexes of the section or to a page in the section, as noted.

Inside the thumbnail index, click on a thumbnail to begin browsing back or forth through the section.

1968 Supplement Index

Group 0 Index Page

Group 0 Foreward

Group 1 Vehicle ID page

Group 2 Brakes Index

Group 3 Suspension Steering Wheels and Tires Index

Group 4 Rear Axle Index

Group 5 Driveshaft and Clutch Index

Group 6 Manual Transmission Index

Group 7 Automatic Transmission Index

Group 8 Engine Index

Group 9 Ignitiion Index

Group 10 Fuel System Index

Group 11 Cooling Index

Group 12 Exhaust Index

Group 13 Charging System Index

Group 14 Starting System Index

Group 15 Lighting, Horn and Instruments Index

Group 16 Ventilating, Heating and Accs. Index

Group 17 Body Doors and Windows Index

Group 18 Trim and Seats Index

Group 19 Schematics Index