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For the RE, the expansion pressure of the ignited air/fuel mixture is converted to rotational force as described below.

(1) The expansion pressure applied to one side of the rotor acts upon the center of the eccentric shaft's rotor journal (same O' as center of rotor).

This is resultant force (PG in the figure).

(2) However, because this center (0') is around the circumference of the center (O) of the eccentric shaft, the result is that the resultant force pushes the O' point, thus rotating the eccentric shaft, with the O point as the center.

(3) Thus, when the tangential line force of (PG) is expressed as (Ft) and the amount of eccentricity of the center of the rotor journal is expressed as (e), the eccentric shaft is rotated by the Ft x e (torque).

Fig. 3-2 Rotational force



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