Early Car Ads, Oil Company Ads etc. - Page 1

Tom Ortega has provided us with this unique collection of images from old magazines and elsewhere from his collection, dating as far back as 1897.

Old magazine ads - Page 2

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1905 Cadillac ad.jpg

1905 Ford ad.jpg

1905 Franklin autos ad.jpg

1905 Oldsmobile ad.jpg

1905 Packard ad.jpg

1905 Pierce Great Arrow car.jpg

1941 Soybean car.jpg

3-in-one oil 1947.jpg

57 Studebaker.jpg

AA Ford flat bed.jpg

Acme motor cars 1905.jpg

American Mercedes 1905.jpg

Associated Gasoline 1929.jpg

Associated Oil 1926.jpg

Babcock Carriage co 1905.jpg

Bardahl 1958.jpg

Burgess flashlights 1926.jpg

Champion spark plugs 1954.jpg

Chev ad 1958.jpg

Chevrolet 1926.jpg

Chevrolet 1954.jpg

Chrysler ad 1958.jpg

Columbia Automobiles 1905.jpg

Columbus Carriage 1897.jpg

Continental battery ad 1954.jpg

Elmore Automobiles 1905.jpg

Ford radio ad.jpg

Fordexpo 1935.jpg

Glide Automobile ad Feb 1909.jpg

Hastings piston rings 1947.jpg

Indy 500 pit 1958 1.jpg

Indy 500 pit 1958 2.jpg

Kelly-Springfield Tire, July 1929.jpg

Knox Automotive co 1905.jpg

Mothersill's seasick remidy 1927.jpg

MoToR's Manual ad April 1944.jpg

Motorola Auto radios 1954.jpg

Nash Airfyte ad 1954.jpg

National Motor vehicle co 1905.jpg

Norther automobile 1905.jpg

Ohio Carriage Mnfg 1897.jpg

Oldsmobile 1926.jpg

Overhaul Co ad June 1937.jpg

Packard 1926.jpg

Packard ad, July 1929.jpg

Pennsylvania Oil ad, July 1929.jpg

Pierce Arrow ad Feb.jpg

Pontiac ad, July 1929.jpg

Pope Motor car co ad 1905.jpg

Pyroil oil additive 1947.jpg

Rambler add 1905.jpg

REO Motor car ad 1905.jpg

Richfield Boron 1958.jpg

Rider-Ericsson eng Co.jpg

Royal Motor Car 1905.jpg

Royal Triton Oil 1954.jpg

Ruckstell Axel 1.jpg

Ruckstell Axel add 2.jpg

Simoniz polishes 1958.jpg

Studebaker Automobiles 1905.jpg

Studebaker horse vehicles 1905.jpg

Sunbeam Car 1927.jpg

Truscot boats 1905.jpg

Universal Motor Luncheon set 1954.jpg

Valspar paint 1927.jpg

Winton Automobile ad Feb 1909.jpg

Yale Automobile 1905.jpg

Zerolene Oil 1926.jpg



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