updated August 4, 2004
1968 Pontiac GP
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The Old Car Manual Project Photo Album

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Charlie Hurst writes: I took these last weekend right as it started to rain. My son and I drove around town and turned a few heads! It's interesting how both cars are radically different in their design, yet it would be hard to pick one over the other. And having all that chrome in contrast to the maroon paint.....that's something you don't see anymore. More on his '48 Plymouth...

Rick McLaren of Edmonton Alberta visited Hilltop Auto in Peace River a few years ago... here are his pictures of some of the cars there.

This vintage pic of Rocko's Heavy Chevy was, in reality, taken in 2004.
This Impala Sport Coupe is Rocko's favorite of all his old iron because
"It's nice, but not TOO nice. I've had cars that were so cherry it wasn't
any fun to drive 'em. This car is FUN." Presently powered by a Camaro HO 305, backed up by the original Saginaw 3-speed manual, and a set of 3:08 gears, she runs great, and the well-seasoned 20-year old glasspacks make running her up (or down) through the gears a real treat.

Jessica Gattman sent this picture of her 1973 AMC Matador. Enlarge image.

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Bob Rugh sent some pictures of his 1946 Packard Clipper. Click on an image above to enlarge. Bob also contributed some great tech info; the wiring diagram for the '46-47 Clipper is here.


Henk Schaatsbergen sent this picture of a Diana in Finland. Click here to enlarge the image. Henk also sent us the Diana service manual, available here.

1978 Suburban
1978 GMC Suburban This is Doc Rusty's family car, shown here on a recent expedition to the Rockies near Jasper, Alberta. It's a 1/2 ton, 454 CID with 13,000 GAVW. Click here to enlarge the image.

1961 Mercury
Dwaine of Emmet, Idaho sent us this image of his Meteor. Enlarge image.