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updated January 9, 2004

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1919 Dodge Brothers Screenside


A reader writes: "This is my father's car and I would like to know if you have any original pictures, ads or manuals of the 1919 DB Screenside so I can give it to him as a gift? Thanks so much."

contact Rusty if you've got anything on this one

1982 Firebird


setzergirly writes:
here is a pic of my new car....she's been in the desert sun for AWHILE, but is going to be painted soon!

1954 GMC Suburban


"The enclosed picture is one of my 54 gmc suburban. I was hoping I could get information from you or your viewers about this truck... any diagrams or manuals might be nice, as well as general tips or information about this truck. It was used as a school bus until it was taken off the road, with its original 58,000 miles." more info - Doug St. John, Syracuse, NY

contact Doc Rusty if you've got anything for Doug


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Recent Images

1971 Cutlass


Felipe Gonzalez writes:
" This is my 1971 Olds Cutlass Supreme from Chile - South America. Found it in a barn in really good shape besides the engine because it just wasn´t being used due to excesive fuel consumption. They had no idea what was being lost!!! Real bargain!!!"

1948 Plymouth


About Charles Hurst's 1948 Plymouth:
"...this was my grandfather's car. It took my mother to the hospital when she had me (and my older sister). It's been to Canada (Nova Scotia), and even crossed the country to California.....before I was ever on this earth!"
More pictures of this car

1948 Plymouth brochure

Charles Hurst's son drives this '65 Fairlane:

"It's one of those "only driven on Sunday by a little old lady" kind of cars. It just turned 27,500 miles!"


more pictures from the TOCMP photo album


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