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With the increased sophistication of the modern automobile, the need for
complete and simplified diagnostic information has been recognized. This
manual was produced to fill that need. The goal is to improve technician
performance and the resultant customer satisfaction.
The ability to make quality repairs through proper diagnosis does not in
itself however, necessarily satisfy the quest for knowledge so common
among Chevrolet technicians desiring to excel and expand beyond their pres
ent areas of specialization.
Therefore, information on theory - the principles of operation - is included
on each subject, followed by the related diagnostic procedures.
After locating the problem, the Service and Overhaul manuals are to be
utilized, as in the past, for specific removal and repair instructions.
While this manual is designed to be self-explanatory, its greatest potential
can best be realized by organizing group training sessions. Practice applica
tion of these procedures is the best way to instill confidence and enhance the
product knowledge required for superior on-the-job performance.
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