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Featuring three short films produced by General Motors in 1955 and 1956, as well as several film ads for Chevy cars and some bonus movie trailers, this DVD is a fascinating window into the 'futuramic' world of tomorow's cars, today!

Chevrolet Thrill Drivers on high-quality DVD-R

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Thrill Driver's Choice Great footage of brand-new 1956 Chevrolets being jumped, rolled and otherwise put to the test in Joie Chitwood's travelling Thrill Show.


The 50 Millionth Chevrolet In 1955, Chevy produced their 50-millionth car. This film showcases the 1955 Chevrolets and the excitement in Flint, Michigan surrounding the momentous event.


Design For Dreaming This is the Populuxe film from the 1956 GM Motorama, featuring the General Motors product lineup, inluding the full line of cars and Frigidaire appliances.


1955 Chevrolet Screen Ads Theatrical ads for the new 1955 Chevrolets.



Bonus Trailers Drive-in fare from 1955-57.




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sorry, this DVD is no longer available - we hope to have a downloadable version available soon

"Chevrolet Thrill Drivers" is produced on high quality DVD-R media and is playable in DVD players and computer DVD-ROMs. The disc in in NTSC format. Sorry, we haven't got a PAL version available.

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