Radio Powered Car

February 23, 2006

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1960-71 Pontiac ads

October 26, 2006

1970 Pontiac
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1967 Buick Riviera Publicity Photo

1967 Buick Riviera
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Some Nifty Old Ads

May 6, 2006

Rusty Petrovic writes:
I don't usually go in for ads that have been cut out of old magazines.  I realize it's a nice way to present and preserve them, but I, for one, just couldn't bring myself to chop them up that way.  Nonetheless, I just couldn't resist these three old magazine ads that I found at the Red Deer Swap Meet earlier today.
[Red Deer, Alberta, Canada; Alberta events]

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Stromberg 97 Carb Information

September 13, 2005

Jon Menk writes:
I picked up a reprint of what appears to be a
Stromberg 97 carb service bulletin. It's 2 pages and full of very valuable information showing drill (wire & fractional) sizes that cover things such as gaugeing & jet sizes.

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