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updated March 28, 2002

How to contribute to the OCMP:

The Old Car Manual Project grew out of some discussions that a couple of old car buffs had over a few cold beverages one afternoon after a trip to a particularily good wrecking yard.

We've gotten some really positive feedback. Suggestions, advice - or just kind words. We appreciate it all.1927 International Auto Handbook

Lots of people have offered to help - so, here's some information on how to contribute to the Old Car Manual Project:

#1 Scan some manuals! Scanning is, by far, the hardest part of the whole process. If you have a scanner, scan the pages at about 150 dpi and save each page as a jpeg or png file, with minimal compression, and email it to us. (We don't mind big files!)

#2 Share your books: We would love to borrow your manuals and scan them. Sometimes. if there's a bit of spare change one of us will buy a manual (you should see my bookshelf!). But this is NOT a business. We do NOT sell any of the rare books that we have. If you would like to lend us a manual, drop us a line.


Copyright issues: The Old Car Manual Project is meant to be a library, for research purposes and for the preservation and sharing of documents that would otherwise be lost. In practical terms, we stick to really old material or manuals in which the manufacturer has lost interest and which aren't really available otherwise. There are some good folks selling nice CD-ROM versions of service manuals, and we encourage you to buy these, as well as any of the better printed reproductions.

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