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Antique Literature - General

some antique auto literature in pdf format

Information on Lubricants - 1916

50's - 70's luxury cars

Briggs and Stratton (what a corporate site should be like - has free pdf versions of engine manuals)



Buick 215 V8 (Rover V8)


The Cadillac Database

1964 Cadillac vacuum diagrams

Canadian Models

Canadian Classics

1966 Beaumont brochure

Canadian Chevys

Canadian Pontiacs


67-72 Buick carbs

Camaro carbs

decoding Rochester carb numbers

Holley Tri-Power Carbs


Chrysler Imperial site

Mopars in general -

table of Chrysler engine specs

Chevrolet - cars

early vintage Chev transmissions

Engine casting numbers

29 - 59 Chevrolet wiring diagrams

62 - 63 Chevy II wiring diagrams

1951 Chevrolet resources

74-75 Nova wiring diagram and more



Corvette tech info

Monte Carlo SS


Stovebolt page

Chevrolet - trucks

67-72 Chev trucks

73-87 Chev truck specs


Cord engine and electric shift


1949 Dodge


1960 Dodge

63-76 Dodge Dart

67-71 Dodge trucks

Flathead Engines

Mopar flatheads

Chrysler flathead specifications

Ford Flathead V-8

Ford Flathead V-8 specs



Ford Duraspark II ignition

1957 Ford (excellent!)

62-71 Fairlane

71 Boss 351 Mustang

Flathead tech info from discussion forums

Y-block car info

Ford Trucks & Tractors

Bronco HQ

Ford N-Series tractor

Ford Canadian Military Pattern Vehicles


Graham restoration info

Graham owners on the internet


Hercules engines


general Holden tech info

Holden history



Hudson tech info

McCulloch Superchargers

1950's McCulloch Superchargers


1924 McFarlan


Canadian Mercury trucks

Maverick Grabber / Comet GT

Maverick and Comet

Mopar - all makes

1962-65 Mopars

GM HEI for Mopars

Slant Six forum


Model & Serial Numbers


442 and other performance Olds info

63 Olds

67 Olds 442


The Packard Club


1965 GTO

67, 68 and 69 Firebird


Pontiac 301 Turbo Shrine

Trans-Am brochure pictures



Studebaker/Avanti tech notes

how to put Chrysler Electronic Ignition in a Prestolite distributor (pdf file)

Various makes

Torque specs for US cars

Various GM specs


CJ-3B Tech Data


The Old Car Manual Project

Some general information:

What is "the old car manual project"?
The idea is to scan manuals for old, vintage or antique American vehicles and their components and make them available on the web, for free.

Why are we doing this?
Why not? But really - one of the hardest parts of restoring or servicing old machines is getting decent technical information. Often, it's difficult, impossible or expensive to obtain. We think that this kind of information should be freely available, as a public resource for the preservation of our industrial history.

Who are we?
We are some guys who like old iron. We can be contacted at

Other links pages and directories:

A growing list of old car resources

Late, great AMC

AMC links

Fordbarns's links page

Finding Old Iron

Pontiac - general links

Car specs: 30's - 60's

Friends of The Old Car Manual Project:


Lincolns in Holland

Historical References

Motor Trend Articles

Early Automobiles from Toledo

Old Ads and Pictures:

AMC pictures

Buick ads (classic)

Chevy postcards

Dodge Dart ads and brochures

68 Dodge sales brochure

Classic, antique and musclecar pictures

Classic car pages

Ford, Mercury, Lincoln Ads

Gallery of American Car Photos

many old and classic cars, American and otherwise

Old Car Manual Project brochures page

Muscle Car Ads
Old Car Ads
Old Car Manual Project Picture Archive
1967 Olds Factory Advertising

Old American cars in Russia (Be warned of anti-Western propaganda on this site. The Old Car Manual Project supports everybody's right to speak freely, even if they're dead wrong.)

vintage drag races


Antique Makes (General pages, with or without detailed tech info):

Airflow Club of America

Cadillacs of the Forties

Classic car data

Durant cars

Gotfredson Truck

Pierce-Arrow Society

Cars Built in Windsor, Canada

Miscellaneous things that might be of interest

Antique Gas Engine homepage

Berkeley (California) Fire Department Apparatus Pictures

Ceaucescu's 75 Buick Electra

oil for old cars

Oregon state patrol vehicle evolution

American Cars 36-56 from an English perspective

Australian Police Vehicles (current models)

Kansas City Emergency Vehicles

License plate shack

Movie and custom cars

Truck transmission ID guide

Vehicles used in Mad Max (Road Warrior) movies

Warwick, New York Police cars

Some listings of early car owners

Monroe County, Illinois - 1918
St. Clair County, Illinois - 1919
Bastrop County, Texas 1914-15

The Old Car Manual Project



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