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Corvette Indy & CERV III
After the introduction of the 4th generation Corvette, the Corvette Indy concept car was introduced in 1985 to show a
possible next generation Corvette. The first example was a non working mock-up (grey), followed by two working
examples. One of them (red) is shown here. The blue CERV III, (Corporate Engineering Research Vehicle) was
introduced in 1989. It featured 4-Wheel Drive, 4-Wheel Steering
and CRT Cockpit Screens. The mid-engine V8 was a 5.7
liter 32 valve, dual overhead cam LT5 Engine with the addition of twin turbos and internal modifications. Speed was 225
MPH , with horsepower rated at 650. Many of the styling and engineering features found here, made their way to the 5th
Generation Corvettes.
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