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Check the operation of the window by raising and lowering it by means of
the driver's switch. Install the access hole cover and trim panel.
Scissors Type Motor Assembly and Coupling
Having removed the trim panel, remove the cover plate or bracket with
relay attached, and disconnect the wires from the motor to the relay. Take
out the two nuts and washers that hold the motor to the window regulator
assembly. Remove the motor and rubber drive coupling through the door
access hole.
Attach the rubber coupling to the motor
drive shaft. Insert the motor and coupling
through the door access hole. Slide the
rubber coupling over the drive assembly
pinion shaft. Line up the motor attaching
bolts to the window regulator assembly and
install and tighten the retaining nuts.
Attach all electrical connections and install
the plate or bracket with relay attached.
Remove the regulator assembly from the
door or quarter window. Clamp the assembly
in a vise and unload the spring.
Remove the cap screws that hold the drive
assembly to the regulator.
To install the drive assembly, reverse the
disassembly procedure.
Replacement of Scissors
Type Drive Assembly
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