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Removal of Trim Panel
In all cases where the regulator assembly
must be exposed for servicing, the first step
is to remove the trim panel.
Take out the attaching screws and re-move
the arm rest. Remove the key that holds the
door handle in place and remove the handle.
Remove the inside lock button, the garnish
moulding screws and the garnish moulding.
Take out the screws that fasten the trim panel to the door. Pull the panel
away from the door and disconnect the wires to the control switch.
Remove the trim panel with the switch attached.
Removal of a quarter trim panel follows substantially the same procedure,
but it is preceded by removal of the seat and seat back.
The trim panel and access hole cover are
removed in the usual manner. Place the
window in down position.
This can be done on scissors type
regulators by rotating the motor coupling by
hand. Disconnect the battery ground cable.
Remove the cover or bracket with relay
attached and disconnect the motor-to-relay
Scissors Type Window Regulator Mechanism 
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