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Take out the four cap screws that secure the regulator to the door panel.
Slide the regulator arm and roller off the inner door channel.
Lower the regulator and remove it through the access hole.
Raise the assembly into position through the access hole and slide the
arm and roller into the roller channel on the door inner panel. Install the
regulator retaining screws but do not tighten them at this time.
Lower the glass and connect the regulator arms to the glass channel
rollers. Position the window stop and install the two cap screws that
fasten it to the panel.
Connect the motor wires to the relay and install the relay on the door.
Adjust the regulator for proper glass alignment by shifting the regulator
in the elongated bolt holes. The top edge of the glass must be parallel
with the top edge of the door. Tighten the regulator retaining screws.
Also adjust the glass runs for proper clearance. If necessary, adjust the
window stop by moving it up and down in the elongated bolt holes, so
that the top edge of the glass is flush with the garnish moulding. Connect
the battery ground cable.
Take out the two cap screws that fasten the window stop to the
inner door panel and remove the stop.
Pull out the roller spring retainers far
enough to disengage the regulator arms
from the rollers. Raise the glass manually
and use tape to hold it in the up position.
It is not necessary to disassemble the rollers unless they are to be serviced.
Simply pull out the roller spring retainers far enough to disengage the arms.
The rollers remain in the glass channels.
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