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1971 Corvette
Wheelbase: 98"
Track: 58.7" Front / 59.4" Rear
Height: 47.8" Coupe
Length: 182.5"
Width: 69"
Curb Weight: 3,202 lbs.
Tire Size:
Plant: St. Louis
The 1971 Corvette was one of the model years least changed in appearance. A labour dispute in May of 1969 caused the
1969 model production to run long, shortening normal 1970 production by over four months. To compensate Chevrolet
then treated 1971 Corvette production as an extension of 1970. GM also directed it's divisions to cut octane requirement
in all 1971 engines, this effort carried a higher priority than appearance changes. One visible clue to a 1971's outward
appearance is amber parking light lenses, although some very early production had clear lenses.
Base Engine: 350ci V8 270hp
Engine Options: 350ci 330hp,  454ci 365hp,  454ci 425hp
The ZR1 included the LT1 Engine, M22 Transmission, heavy-duty power brakes, transistor ignition, special aluminum
radiator, and special springs, shocks, and front and rear stabilizer bars. ZR1's also had metal fan shrouds. The ZR2 was
similar to the ZR1 except the ZR2 package included the LS6 454ci, 425hp engine.
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