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1963 Corvette
Wheelbase: 98"
Track: 56.25" Front / 57" Rear
Height: 49.8" Coupe
Length: 175.1"
Width: 69.6"
Curb Weight: 3,015lbs.
Tire Size: 6.70x15"
Plant: St. Louis
Corvette completely redesigned both the body and chassis. For the first time, a coupe body was available. A center split
on the coupe roof flowed through the rear glass creating the famous "Split Window". This was also the first Corvette to do
away with the solid rear axle. 
Base Engine: 327ci V8 250hp
Engine Options: 327ci 300hp,  327ci 340hp,  327ci 360hp - Fuel Injection
Operation Mongoose, which produced the Corvette Grand Sport, designed as the Cobra Killer, is cancelled when GM top
executives find out about the project. However, three Corvette Grand Sports with 550 hp engines decidedly beat the Ford
Cobras at Nassau.
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