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1955 Corvette
Wheelbase: 102"
Track: 57" Front / 58.8" Rear
Height: 51.5" Over Windshield
Length: 167.3"
Width: 69.8"
Curb Weight: 2,805lbs. ( V-8 )
Tire Size: 6.70x15"
Plant: St. Louis
The Ford Motor Company showed the Thunderbird two-seat convertible in Detroit in 1954. The Thunderbird is a major
part of GM's decision to continue production of the Corvette after the disappointing 1954 sales year. Although sales
climbed to 3640 units in 1954, 10,000 units were expected, and sales fell off dramatically in 1955 to just 700 in 1955
setting off rumours that Corvette might be a short-lived automotive experiment. 
But Zora Arkus-Duntov had different ideas. Zora Arkus-Duntov, an engineer on the Corvette team since 1953 and a
former European road racer, set out to give Corvette the two things it needed most, better performance and better
handling. In July of 1952 Chevrolet chief engineer Ed Cole, and Harry Barr went to work on an all-new Chevrolet V-8, and
Corvette's evolution into a true sports car began in 1955 when a 265-cu.-in. V8 that generated 195 horsepower was
offered. By the end of the 1955 model year, a 3-speed manual transmission was also available.
Base Engine: 235ci "Blue Flame" 155hp 
Option: 265ci V8 195hp . Identified by a Gold "V" on both front fenders, and a 12Volt electrical system. 
In 1955, driving a prototype V8-powered Corvette, Zora Arkus-Duntov set a new record in the Daytona "Measured
Mile" at just over 150 miles per hour. 
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