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1956 Corvette
Wheelbase: 102"
Track: 57" Front / 58.8"
Height: 51" Over Hardtop
Length: 168"
Width: 70.5"
Curb Weight: 2,875 lbs.
Tire Size:
Plant: St. Louis
The Corvette received its first major body redesign in 1956. Only the instrument panel remained the same. The new
design featured roll-up windows and power assist optional. External door handles and locks exposed headlights and the
famous side cove. This was also the first year for two-tone paint, seat belts, factory hard tops, and the 1956 Corvette was
the first car to offer a "Transistorized" AM Radio, and "Dual Point" Distributors. Dual four-barrel carburetors were available
as an option on the V-8.
1956 Options: Heater, AM radio, parking brake alarm, courtesy lights, windshield washers, whitewall tires, Powerglide
transmission, auxiliary hardtop, power windows, two tone paint, hi-lift camshaft, 3.27 rear axle ratio, power operated
folding top.
Base Engine:       265ci V8 210hp
Optional Engine: 265ci V8 225hp Engine 2 4Bbl Carbs
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