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The first step in finding any electrical trouble in the window regulator
system is to check the battery. It should be fully charged to assure proper
operation of the system.
All Windows Fail to Operate
This trouble is probably due to the
safety relay not operating. This
relay is mounted on the fire wall of
the engine compartment.
Turn the ignition key to the
accessory position and, at the same
time, listen for the relay to click. If
the relay does not click, proceed as
Check for voltage at the red wire
terminal of the safety relay. Voltage
at this point, and the relay not
operating, indicates a defective relay
which should be replaced.
If the relay clicks when the switch is turned on, check the condition of the
wiring and connections from the safety relay to the bus bar on the
window regulator circuit breaker. Repair or replace the wiring.
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