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Two types of power window regulators are used in 1954 Ford cars. The
scissors type is used on all door regulators and also the quarter window
regulators in Tudor models and is similar in principle to the manually
operated regulators used as standard equipment.
They raise and lower the glass by means of three rollers, two of which are
connected to the glass channel. The third roller rides in a fixed guide welded
to the inner door panel.
The single arm type of regulator is used only for the quarter windows of
Sunliner, Skyliner and Victoria models.
A reversible electric motor is coupled to a regulator drive assembly which
operates the window regulator. Relays connected to switches on each
door or quarter window control the rotation of the motor to raise or lower
the windows.
Multiple control switches are installed on the left front door so that the
driver can open or close any window.
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