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of the driver.
The Ford power seat system is of the motor driven, screw-jack, type. The
seat may be moved horizontally and vertically to any position that suits
the driver.
The power seat mechanism consists of a seat frame, seat track assembly,
seat adjusters for horizontal and vertical movement, two relays, two
switches and necessary wiring.
Forward and rearward movement is accomplished through the horizontal
adjuster which is installed under the left side of the seat. A vertical
adjuster located under the right side of the seat provides for up and down
Each of the adjusters is controlled by its
own two-way switch located on a panel
fastened to the left side of the seat frame.
Note: Additional mounting holes in the seat
tracks provide for locating the seat in any
one of three positions to suit the comfort
Each switch is connected to one of the
relays mounted on a panel at the right side
of the seat frame.
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