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The power seat electrical circuit consists of a 30-
ampere circuit breaker, two relays, two switches,
two motors and the circuit wiring.
The circuit breaker protects the motors from
damage in case they should be stalled or
overloaded by some mechanical trouble in the
seat mechanism.
The control switches are of the single pole,
double throw type with center "off"
position. The latter provides for stopping
the movement of the seat at any point.
The relays act as double pole, double throw
switches. By energizing alternate sets of
coils in the relays, through the two-way
switches, the direction of cur-rent flow in the
field coils can be changed. Thus, the motors
may be operated in either direction to extend
or retract the screw-jack adjusters.
The circuit receives its voltage from the starter relay through a connection
to the circuit breaker. From this point, voltage enters the relays at terminal
No. 6.
Relay terminals 3 and 4 are connected to the motor, and terminals 1 and 2
receive the leads from the control switches.
The motors and switches are grounded to the seat frame.
The wiring color code for the power seat circuit will be found on page 31.
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