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Seat Will Operate in Only One
Horizontal Direction
Usually, this trouble is caused by
a defective switch or switch
wiring, or a defective motor field
coil. First check the wiring and
connections between the switch
and the relay. Repair or replace as
If this does not remedy the
trouble, use a clip lead to
successively short the No. 1 and
No. 2 relay terminals to ground.
If the seat now operates, the
switch is defective and should
be replaced.
If the above test proves that the
switch is not at fault, make the
relay and motor test described
on page 25.
Seat Will Operate in Only One
Vertical Direction
Apply the same procedures to the switch, relay and motor serving the
vertical adjuster as those described above under the heading "Seat Will
Operate in Only One Horizontal Direction."
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