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1. Check the wiring and
connections between the
starter relay and the circuit
breaker. Repair as necessary.
2. Check for voltage at the circuit
breaker terminal of wire to
relays. Replace the circuit
breaker if there is no voltage at
this terminal.
If the circuit breaker is
operating, check for an open or
shorted lead from the circuit
breaker to the relays.
Seat Fails to Operate Horizontally
Check for voltage at the No. 6
terminal of the relay serving the
vertical adjuster. Then check at
the No. 6 terminal of the other
relay. This will show whether or
not voltage is reaching both
If voltage is present at both
these terminals, use a clip lead
to ground the No. ¹ terminal
and then the No. 2 terminal of
the relay serving the horizontal
If the seat now operates, the wiring to the switch or the switch itself is
defective. Repair or replace as needed.
However, if the seat will not operate when the relay switch terminals are
grounded, a relay and motor test is necessary.
Seat Fails to Operate in Any Direction
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